SEMINAR with Aayla in London

10:00 Meeting and registration for the event
11.00 - 19.00 SEMINAR "POWER OF THE LINEAGE: My lineage, my Power!"
70/ 50 £ *

SEMINAR "The power of the lineage in a woman's womb. The womb is the source of power for life"
10:00 Meeting and registration for the event
11.00 - 19.00 Meeting with a shaman
70/ 50 £ *

For centuries, information about the important role of the lineage in human life has been hidden, and connections with the lineage have been destroyed. Because of the broken links with our ancestors, we have lost the immense power that gives everything: health, wealth, and happiness in family life. If you are a woman, it is your duty to reveal the secret of your lineage and pass it on to your children. So only you can understand where the Power goes out of the lineage and attract it back. If the field of your family lineage is polluted by vicious deeds and thoughts of your ancestors, it is almost impossible for your descendants to live a normal life. There are only a few cultures in the world where this knowledge is preserved, one of them is shamanism.

11.07 London

* If you pay cash and pass the energetic balancing from hand to hand, you get a discount.

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