05.07 Workshop ‘Womb Cleansing.’

18.00 start of registration

19.00-21.30 workshop

21.30-22.00 time for personal communication


* £20 if paying by card or transfer

According to shamanism, a woman is inextricably linked to the world of spirit and the earth through her womb. A woman's womb is a source of boundless life energy, not only for the woman but also for her entire environment, family, and lineage. In this class, I will share my knowledge of sacred methods for cleansing a woman's energy.

Please, bring with you:

  • A yoga mat, a pillow.
  • Water for charging
  • Pictures of your loved ones and your entire lineage
  • Your favorite cup
  • Pen and notebook
  • Your favorite fruit

Sweet treats to share with other women

We invite you to join the Women's Circle of Power! You can bring your girlfriends with you. If you do so, you will be offered a gift and a discount.

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